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Welcome, everybody! Today I am going to talk to you about employment here in the UK. In the UK, like most places, there are two different types of employment - you can be employed in a job working for someone else, normally a company, in which case you are an employee; or you can work for yourself, in which case you are self-employed. So there are lots of good things about being an employee: your company pays your tax for you, you get paid holiday, sick pay, maternity leave if you want to have a baby. So as an employee, there are lots of laws also… that make sure you are protected from being treated unfairly by the company that you work for. And also, companies often give their employees private medical insurance, so if they get really sick then all expenses are completely covered. But of course there are negative aspects of being an employee too. Working for someone else can be stressful if the salary is very low, or if you don’t like the work very much, or if you don’t like your boss maybe. Even the most successful employees will always make more money for their boss than they will ever make for themselves! Employees have long contracts with all their terms of employment written down, and these rules must not be broken! Often, these rules tell you what clothes to wear, even what time you have to wake-up at every day! So it’s hard! But of course being self-employed has its challenges too. You don’t get all the same benefits as an employee. You have to be self-disciplined to manage your own time, and in most cases, if you don’t work then you don’t earn any money!

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