Robin — Christmas


Сегодня у нас видео от папы Дэвида - Робина

Занимаемся по знакомой технологии, чтобы улучшить навык восприятия речи на слух и словарный запас:

1) Послушайте видео, не глядя в текст.

2) Отдельно прочитайте текст этого видео, переведите до тех пора, пока не будет понятно 80% текста.

3) Слушайте, глядя в текст. Если есть возможность распечатайте текст и водите линейкой по строчкам, чтобы понимать, как сказанное соответствует написанному.

4) Слушайте, не глядя в текст.

Это займет 20-30 минут. Если у вас есть еще время, послушайте видео еще несколько раз.

Every Christmas is a big family get-together. We all meet up, we hand out presents, we have a huge meal with turkey, and it's a great time of year.

There's always days off. Kids get two weeks off of school. Most people that work get a bank holiday here and a bank holiday there. So it's a good... it's a good relaxing time, and it's almost always spent with family.

When I was a child you couldn't go out at Christmas, you weren't allowed to go out, you had to stay in to be with the family. Things have got better since then, fortunately.

Presents are handed round, usually too many presents - it becomes a mad fiesta of presents. But we love it. It's a good time of year.

Why do we have a Christmas tree? We first started to have Christmas trees, I think, in Queen Victoria's reign, because it was popular in Germany, and her husband was German. And we decorate it - we put all sorts of baubles and bangles and beads on it. The presents go underneath, and you put lights on it, and it's just quite good fun - it's just part and parcel of the tradition that goes to make up Christmas.

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