День 8 — курс Тони


Фразы для 30-40 минуты записи ( День третий программы Time of your life)

Продолжаем слушать третий день онлайн программы "Time of your life".

Во вложении фразы на 30-40 минуты.
Пожалуйста, выберете любые 20 и напишите, пример, который подходит именно Вам.
Например - фраза из текста: create new habits
Мой пример:
I am trying to creat my new habits

Смело меняйте фразы под себя, но не забывайте при этом учить новые слова.
Присылайте мне на проверку.
Что-то давно не было ни  от кого домашних заданий ..... Напоминаю, что с 8 мая я в Лондоне, а пока я дома, првоерять буду точно быстрее :-)

Time of your life. 30-40 min.
For someone is just argent
instead, you say: O.K. what’s my vision for this category of my life?
Make them happy
I am inspired by that
absolute best
pursuing on the daily or weekly or monthly bases
you have a big physical problem
carry yourself
get seek on braking down
you’ve got that category
try to make things like better
you don’t have to live in reaction
you want to go first
I don’t want just to solve staff
I want to have visions from my life
I am pursuing something
you create a life plan
by the way
one thing a person feel appreciate
part of outcome
create new habits
it would be nice to see a category of your kids
help to understand what the area of your life is the most important
I have some specific results
I understand more, more support
this is something you can do in a short period of time
focus on what matters
put your time, energy and emotion there
don’t wait that someone comes and get you to take this challenge
practical way to make better happen
what perfect job you want
look at your personal life first
things do  not get better, they get worse
absence of decease
give you a comp acidy  to do
work out
I have never planned things that I am not sure
extraordinary family life
step by step
to have great friends, and I can not to talk to them for two month
drift away
isn’t damaged, they just doesn’t exist
to get a little bit created
mix souls
what a surprise creates on the person’s face
living the life by the fault
life of pain and regret
spirit in soul
force for die
force for good
being a leader
create absolute financial independence
this is my entire life
don’t make yourself stressed
i wasn’t perfect
your goals not to be perfect
they must be outstanding
start to go on the well
don’t make things more important than they are
you can pretty much remember if you are listening these tips in the car
your life is complex
your goals make it simple
pull over

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