ДЗ — артикли


При выполнении этих упражнений следует иметь в виду, что существует достаточно много случаев, так сказать, «немотивированного» употребления артиклей в английском языке или их отсутствия.
Напомним здесь еще некоторые устойчивые выражения английского языка, употребляющиеся с определенным артиклем:
in the morning (evening, afternoon),
the day before yesterday,
in the country,
on the one (other) hand,
on the whole,
to play the piano (the violin),
to tell the truth,
to run the risk,
to catch the bus (to catch a train),
to listen to the radio (to watch TV);
употребляющиеся без артикля: at home, by tram (train, bus, air), on foot, by heard, by chance, by means of, in/on time, on sale, on credit, from morning till night и др.

В следующем упражнении необходимо вставить артикли, где необходимо. При его выполнении я Вам рекомендую переписать предложения от руки - так Вы лучше запомните новые слова. Выучите все нвоые слвоа из этого текста.

Упр.1.. Поставьте артикли английского языка a, an или the, где необходимо.

a. I don’t usually like staying at ____ hotels, but last summer we spent a few days at ___ very nice hotel by___ sea.

b. ___ tennis is my favourite sport. I play once or twice ___ week if I can, but I’m not ___ very good player.

c. I won’t be home for ___ dinner this evening. I’m meeting some friends after ___ work and we’re going to ___ cinema.

d. ____ unemployment is very high at the moment and it’s very difficult for ___ people to find ___ work.

e. There was ___ accident as I was going ____ home last night. Two people were taken to ____ hospital. I think ___ most accidents are caused by ____ people driving too fast.

f. Carol is ___ economist. She used to work in ____ investment department of ____ Lloyds Bank. Now she works for ___ American bank in ___ United States.

g. “What’s ___name of ___ hotel where you’re staying?”

“____ Imperial. It’s in ___ Queen Street in ___ city centre. It’s near ___ station.

h. I have two brothers. ___ older one is training to be ___ pilot with ____ British Airways. ____ younger one is still at ___ school. When he leaves ____ school, he hopes to go to ____ university to study ____ law.

Упр.2. Поставьте артикли английского языка a, an, the, или местоимение some, где необходимо.

a. There is ___ fly in ___ lemonade.

b. ____ youngest brother is at ____ school now.

c. ___ birds can fly very high in ___ sky.

d. ___ book on that shelf is ____ interesting one about ___ history.

e. It is pleasant to play ____ game of ____ tennis on ____ summer afternoon.

f. He makes ____ toys in the evening.

g. ___ butcher opposite ____ library always sells ___ good meat.

h. I am fond of ____ apples with ____ cheese.

i. ____ honesty is ____ best of all ____ virtues.

j. I should like to have ____ house in ____ country.

k. ___ car is ready.

l. Do you prefer ____ book of ____ poetry or ____ stories of ____ adventure?

m Peter travelled in ____ third-class carriage with ____ Americans.

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