Упражнение на ful и ness


Choose a noun from the box, make an adjective from it using either –ful or -less and fill in the gaps!

heart   regard   harm   help   taste  fear   waste  sleep  care

speech   flavour   shame   defence   pain   need   tooth  

  1. What are the most … food ingredients?
  2. Some ingredients help ensure the availability of … , nutritious and affordable foods.
  3. Don’t eat so much processed food and sweets. You are going to become … .
  4. … control of clinical studies helps to avoid indigestion.
  5. Food ingredients are subject to the same strict safety standards … of whether they are naturally or artificially derived.
  6. I detest frozen and convenience foods because they are … .
  7. I really appreciate my friend. He is ever so … .
  8. It’s … to say! Your pronunciation leaves much to be desired!
  9. How can you be so … and treat him so awfully?
  10. No tears! Don’t be scared of the operation! It’s … .
  11. His … family would count in agony the hours of his absence.
  12. It is … to use so much fuel.
  13. It was … of them to surrender.
  14. The robber was … against any attack.
  15. Your absence cost me many … nights.
  16. He couldn’t say a single word! He was … with surprise.



Ful and less

1. I am __________________________________ to have such a loving family. (full of thanks)

2. Will saw a __________________________________ puppy wandering around town. (without a home)

3. Carla, you look __________________________________ in that dress. (full of beauty)

4. The squirrels in the backyard are __________________________________. (without harm)

5. Did you see the __________________________________ rainbow in the sky? (full of color)

6. This broken toy is a __________________________________ piece of junk.  (without worth)

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