You have worked in a medical laboratory in Pasina for a few months now, you are on a
one-year contract. Your company has recently introduced a new product on the medical
market: a special kind of calcium tablet. It has been received very well and the demand
has been steadily increasing.
Your superior has put you on the plane to Tipwa to buy the necessary ostrich eggs. He
has emphasised that 800 eggs will be needed every month to be able to meet the
You “happen to be” on the same plane with a fellow-purchasing agent. During your
conversation you discover that he is also planning to buy ostrich eggs. You know that the
only supplier of quality ostrich eggs cannot deliver more than 1000 eggs monthly.
Senaba, the supplier, has a monopoly position and has announced he will raise the price
by 100% from $6 to $12 each.
The two of you decide to negotiate together first, because you suspect being played off
against one another. Your plane will arrive at its destination in 8 minutes. You cannot
afford to buy lower quality eggs, so you are dependent on Senaba. Given the latest
reports of a salmonella infection in the poultry sector the Head of the laboratory has
insisted you raise this matter with the supplier.

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