Модуль 7


Согласование времен

Подготовительное видео:

Согласование времен


Упражнения на закрепление:

Переведите с русского на английский:

  1. Я знал, что у моей сестры была проблема.
  2. Он сказал, что живет в Москве с 2005 года.
  3. Она спрашивает меня, был ли отменен вылет.
  4. Никто не знал, что произойдет дальше.
  5. Майк сказал, что не встречал Хелен с тех пор, как они расстались.
  6. Келли сказала, что не хотела надевать шляпу.
  7. Мы не ожидали, что он покажет нам фильм.
  8. Джейн сказала, что не может позволить себе покупку новой машины.
  9. Мне было интересно, почему Сэм ушел, не сказав ни слова.
  10. Кавендиш открыл, что вода состоит из водорода и кислорода.

Раскройте скобки, используя правила согласования времён:

  1. Greg said that he (to need) a new job.
  2. Tim complained that he (to work) at four o’clock in the morning.
  3. He said that he (to see) that film.
  4. Anna explained to me that the hairdresser’s (to locate) down the road.
  5. Charles said that he (to call) me the following day.
  6. Bill asked me what I (to make) for dinner the day before.
  7. He said that If I (to ask) Kathrin, she (to help) me.
  8. I was worried if I (to have) enough space to buy a new TV set to my room.
  9. Alex wondered if his sister (to be) going to stay for the weekend at his place.
  10. I wasn’t sure if my purchases (to deliver) or not and I didn’t know whom to ask about


wether - это ли

например - He asked me whether he could help me

Он спросил меня, может ли он мне помочь.

Раскройте скобки, используя правила согласования времён:

  1. Ben asked him whether he (can/to ride) a motorcycle.
  2. The police officer (to order) him to stop the car.
  3. Pam asked him why he (to want) to leave his job.
  4. He said the bus (may) be a little late that day.
  5. Pam (to suggest) to go to the cinema.
  6. It was very late, so I (to say) I (to be) going to bed.
  7. He said the fire (to do) a lot of damage to the building.
  8. Simon was wrong when he said that Andrew (to move) to his new apartment the next day.
  9. She told him that he should (to study) harder.
  10. He said that if he (to act) so quickly, the accident (to be) even worse.

Раскройте скобки, используя правила согласования времён:

  1. She was worried that her son (to study) very well that semester.
  2. They warned us that the manager (to inspect) the office the following day.
  3. He (to demand/to give) the money he had earned.
  4. He admitted (to give) away my secret.
  5. He claimed that he (to win) a prize.
  6. He complained that he (to earn) enough money to buy such an expensive present.
  7. Our teacher insisted on our (to finish) by Friday.
  8. She explained that she (to like) him because he was rude.
  9. He said that Tom was the best student he (to teach).
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