Ответы 4


Задание к видео 4.

1. Вы должны поговорить с ней.
2. Мне пришлось написать об этом сестре.
3. Должно быть, они сейчас разговаривают об этом.
4. Я должна прочесть эту книгу.
5. Они, должно быть, играют во дворе.
6. Мама заболела, и мне пришлось вести брата в школу.
7. Все должны платить налоги.
8. Мне пришлось идти туда самой.
9. Вам придется немного подождать.
10. Они должны были позаботиться о ней.



    1. You have to talk to her.
    2. I had to write to my sister about it.
    3. They must be talking about it right now.
    4. I have to read this book.
    5. they must be playing in the yard.
    6. My mother was sick and I had to take care of my brother.
    7. Everyone must pay taxes.
    8. I had to go there alone.
    9. You have to wait for a while.
    10. They had to pick her up at the airport.


Раскройте скобки:


  1. Students … (mustn't/ don't have to) be late for the exam.
  2. Does Mary ... (must/have to) leave home early?
  3. We never … (must/have to) think about money.
  4. All employees … (must/have to) sign this document.
  5. I ... (must/had to) do a lot of work yesterday.
  6. I … (mustn't/don't have to) get up early tomorrow.
  7. You … (must/have to) obey the federal law.
  8. You … (mustn’t/don't have to) use someone’s ideas in your book unless you quote them. It’s plagiarism.
  9. You are an art critic. You ... (must/have to) see this exhibition.
  10. His landlord asked him to move out so he ... (must/has to) look for a new apartment



  1. Mustn't;
  2. Have to;
  3. Have to;
  4. Must;
  5. Had to;
  6. Don't have to;
  7. Must;
  8. mustn’t;
  9. Must;
  10. Has to.
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