Задание 9 — Тони


День третий, Time of your life, 20-30 минуты

Продолжаем слушать третий день онлайн программы "Time of your life".
Во вложении фразы на 20 =- 30 минуты.
Пожалуйста, выберете любые 20 и напишите, пример, который подходит именно Вам.
Например - фраза из текста: create new habits
Мой пример:
I am trying to creat my new habits


Time of your life.   20 – 30 min.
We give it more time and energy
you have got a great foundation
It doesn’t take very much effort to stay strong
It’s probably a long term
You put more focus on this year
That’s a slam down
So that maybe true
And the same minds like it’s easy to take care about your body
running your clear
that’s the easiest things on earth
It’s so prefilling, so driving, so fun
maybe to spend little more time
more focus
more energy
what you focus on continuously
But you decide to constantly improve
will get better
to give you the power of balance
by making you continuously and weakly bases on
look on each area of life
to make what’s going together
all areas of your life in improvement
what’s going to happen
start to find yourself exploding to the next level
the stay out that trap of making the living
start designing your life
you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you forget your friends and your job and your family
and wake up one day  and say: “What happen?” I have no anybody
I wish I spend more time at the office
you don’t want to be so busy
you’ve got broke
that’s what can help you do
not just balance
make sure that nothing get left out
keep it out of everyone
it mean the beginning just like that metaphor
the beginning is seem like a lot of parts, like lots of things to manage
but in the end it gives you choice
walking as a loftless complex
but I’d rather drive across America, fly across America
it gives like more freedom
let them
Move and have a lot of stuff
you don’t want to have another size of the mind
you need them, you get them
you know exactly what you have and exactly where it goes
when I need it, I can get to
make me all crazy
what you do to move in
if you have got a lot of things, you have a lot of doors
we all related to the same kind of thing
all that things that you think about  is a category
you got things grouped in that way
just too many islands
all your life is infinity
how fast can you put it that way
this goes to my emotional life and this to my finances
put it in one place
it’s time to focus on your family
in some expense
that’s really what a category do
magnificent place
breathily feel a peace that you really happy
I need some personal time
seek of tired
some makes a request
put it on the other side of the mind
it relates to my personal, it relates to my professional
you have a place to put that things
this aspect of the business
how can I best help this person to get what he really want
I will call you back
I got it, don’t worry
own space
you have to spin out
worse case in area
set of periods in your life
spend time in proving and weakly
you have specific goals for your children
it’s urgent and important

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